To be honest, I have only just in the past year or two taken a liking to candles. Maybe it’s because they pop up on my Instagram feed daily, but mainly I think it’s because I’ve grasped the importance of one’s personal surroundings on one’s mood and state of mind. Candles or any forms of scent in general can create a mood in any space, and it is almost ritualistic in a way – you light a candle to relax.

So when Katrina Snowden invited me to the re-brand launch of Clean Slate, which was previously known as Peaches & Clean, I was very much intrigued to see what different scents would be on offer. At the launch, when she spoke of Clean Slate’s journey it was so clear that she has poured her heart and soul in to it. Her stand-alone store is located in the MANY6160 building in Fremantle, but she has also garnered many stockists across Perth. All Clean Slate products are made entirely by hand, mainly by Snowden herself on-site at MANY6160. Candles are only just a part of Clean Slate’s range, Snowden has developed many other products such as soaps and skincare.

Here is an interview I did with Snowden…
> Katrina, please tell us about Clean Slate Skincare, what spurred its beginnings?

I began making my own skin care when I was 19 in an attempt to battle my long term issues with eczema. I loved making things, and they were working, so I just started reading everything I could possibly find and experimenting with ingredients. I then went on to study aromatherapy and I am currently studying cosmetic chemistry, so I tie it all together.

> Please tell us about some of your products…

My range includes a coffee scrub which is made using coffee that is roasted down the road at the Roasting Warehouse. The beans are ground fresh the morning that I make the scrub. The newest addition to my range are the candles, which have been so popular. I do them in ten scents and sometimes throw in an extra special edition one. when I can. I am trying to cater for men as well, and have some things I am working on at the moment. I currently do a beard oil, it’s full of organic oils and smells amazing. Bar soaps were the very first thing I made, so I always have a soft spot them, and still love making them.

> Your products are entirely ethical, vegan and completely free from animal-testing. Were these importance elements in the development of your products?

It is really important to me that my products are vegan, not tested on animals and free of anything nasty. I can achieve everything I want to without using animal products or harmful synthetic ingredients, so I don’t use them. Honesty is the most important thing to me, and I am completely transparent with all ingredients I use. I also manufacture everything onsite, and will continue to do so no matter where my store/s are.

> I love your lychee and black tea scented candle. What inspires you when you develop your scents? Which is your favourite scent?

I love the lychee & black tea too, that is my favourite candle scent. My overall favourite scent is one that I do in the bar soaps – lavender, lemon, patchouli & orange. Different things inspire me when I am blending scents – the season, my mood, if I have a new essential oil that I want to play with, and also the purpose that it is being used for. I have a wooden box full of about 80 little bottles of oil, and I will just sit down and work on blends, playing around until I get it right.

> If you had to pick one must-have product from your range, what would it be?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one. I really like the pillow spray. I created that just for me, and then ended up putting it on the shelf as I wanted to share it with everybody!

You can visit Clean Slate’s stand-alone space in the MANY6160 building : 2 Newman Court, Fremantle 6160.






Y-3 hat, Lovermilli jacket, b + ab dress, Undercover clutch and Adidas Originals Superstars 2.0 shoes

Photos by Mike Yeo Visuals

After Taipei I flew to Hong Kong, along with my little brother and my cousin, with whom I also travelled to Taipei with. My cousin Mike so very kindly shot this outfit post for me. Hong Kong was, as always incredible. I consumed lots of delicious food, visited plenty of awesome shops and walked vast amounts of kilometres! A photo diary will be posted up soon. But in the meantime, you can check out my photo diary from my last trip to Hong Kong here if you like!



I visited BEAMS‘ main Taipei branch while I was there. It is located on Fujin Street in Songshan District; one of the prettiest streets I saw. Originating in Japan, BEAMS has since expanded to have stores in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. The BEAMS brand not only focuses on fashion, but they also have cafés as well as specialty stores for music and sport.

BEAMS Taipei was beautifully merchandised; it was such a welcoming space. If you’re a practical dresser that likes pieces that are highly wearable and of fantastic quality, this is definitely a store to visit. It houses a vast selection of both womenswear and menswear. Hopefully from my images you can sense BEAMS’ distinct style. If it is along the same style as yours, you’ll more than likely want to go on a BEAMS pilgrimage as many of their stores have different items.

BEAMS Taipei > No. 340, Fujin St, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan


After you’re done shopping at BEAMS, please visit Fujin Tree Café! It is just down the road. The decor is absolutely stunning, in fact everything about it is!

Fujin Tree 353 Café > No. 353, Fujin St, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Let me know how you go and what you think if you ever visit!