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(Campaign images via Jacquemus

1 Maillot Pullover (La Garçonne) > 2 Maillot Mini Skirt (La Garçonne) > 3 Sweater with Shirt Underlay (Farfetch) > 4 Asymmetric Slit Skirt (Farfetch) > 5 Oversize Coat (La Garçonne) > 6 Mini Sleeveless Shift Dress (Farfetch) > 7 Long Shirtdress (La Garçonne) > 8 Classic Coat (La Garçonne)
Paris based label Jacquemus by French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is a new favourite of mine. His latest collection ‘La Piscine’ (“pool” in  French) features crisp, tailored silhouettes in a limited colour palette of black, navy, red, white and blue allowing for all pieces to be mixed and matched with each other. Shirts and cropped jackets in boxy cuts as well as oversized coats and simple skirts are all shapes that I love, and they all can be found in this collection!


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