Megan in her home studio.

Last year marked the second year I was asked by the Central Institute of Technology (CIT) to sponsor an award for the fashion graduates of 2014. I feel so honoured to have been given the opportunity again. I take great joy in seeing the talents of up and coming designers. After viewing all of the graduate collections at CIT I selected Megan Wareing’s – I really felt that hers was a stand-out. The collection has a perfect balance of feminine and tomboyish elements and it is also so incredibly cohesive in its aesthetic. I would very happily add any of the pieces of this collection to my wardrobe – I’ve already asked Megan and unfortunately I can’t. ;)

I recently interviewed Megan about her collection, her inspirations and her future in design…


The concept for my collection is based around the idea of balancing masculine and feminine elements of dress. My inspiration was taken from how gender is affected by culture; it becomes almost a secret language in which we (society) abide by. I wanted to create something new, modern and fun.

> Your graduate collection is one of the best I’ve seen. It is so cohesive and beautiful. What went through your mind as you were designing it?

That is amazing to hear. I wanted to create a different world for the viewer and wearer; one that you would want to be apart of. I had to keep all the elements in mind from cut, cloth and print to balance the collection. It took a lot of trial and error as everything good does.

> What is it that you love about fashion?

Fashion is a way to express and enhance yourself. Sometimes I would almost consider it art. To design a beautiful garment, which has to fit the person, choose the fabric and sew it together, that is then to be admired by people actually takes a lot of skill. There are so many dimensions to it. I never get bored.


> Who are your favourite designers?

I have to admit; I try and stay away from looking at fashion, especially while I am studying. It is easy to get sucked into someone else’s aesthetic and I am very much about being original. I admire most designers for their bravery to put what they have to the world. My tastes are always changing so it’s hard to say one, but I have always been a fan of ready to wear with interesting details.

> Please describe your dream wardrobe…

I suppose individual, high quality material, well-crafted pieces that I love; a mix of out there and toned down. With lots of shoes!

> Does your own personal style influence your designs?

I think yes. I love ready to wear, the easy going nature of it. I love menswear. I love winter fashion. I also love wool. There is a lot I love in the collection. I think it is good for your own style to influence so that people want to be apart of what you’re about.



> Who would you love to see wear your designs?

I have pondered this question. I recently read Grace Coddington’s memoir and I would love to see her in my graduate collection. I love her red hair and natural look. I think fashion puts too much importance on models; who don’t really know anything about what they’re wearing!

> What’s in store for you now that you have finished studying?

More study! I want to do one more year at Curtin, get my degree and finally go travelling. I hope to intern and get some amazing experience.

> Who would you love to work with in the future?

I would love to work for Chloé, Celine, Chanel, Hermès, Kenzo, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, and quite a few more… A girl can dream right?



Clothing: Megan Wareing

Photographer: Samantha Hughes

Model: Stephanie Muller

MUA: Linda Giacchetta


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