L’Occitane Partners with TerraCycle for Recycling Initiative

L'Occitane Recycling Initiative with TerraCycle

L’Occitane’s Recharge Refill products as part of the Recycling Initiative

As part of Garden City‘s Beauty Weekend, I was asked to share which of the centre’s new beauty releases I am most excited about. I haven’t done a post like this for quite some time, but this was definitely worth coming out of the woodwork for.

French beauty and skincare brand L’Occitane has just launched a recycling initiative in partnership with TerraCycle, an organisation that focuses on reusing and up-cycling difficult-to-recycle waste. Much of the packaging used in skincare and beauty products are often difficult to recycle, and sadly ends up in landfill. L’Occitane aims to address this by providing recycle bins in-store for you to dispose of these products, which then will be sent to TerraCycle to reuse.

L'Occitane Recycling Initiative with TerraCycle

One of the best parts of this initiative is that L’Occitane accepts empty packaging from ANY brand! And as an added incentive to recycle, L’Occitane offers you a 10% discount on the day you drop off your empty products.

Below is a list of the types of packaging you can drop off:

  • Beauty packaging such as lip balm tubes, makeup remover bottles and pumps, fragrances bottles and pumps, and deodorant sticks.
  • Skin care packaging such as face mask packaging, refill pouches, and dispensers and tubes for soap, facial cleansers and body lotions.
  • Hair care packaging such as pumps and caps from shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair care dispensers and containers, hair product trigger heads, and refill pouches.

This initiative is currently being piloted in all L’Occitane boutiques across Australia. Let’s show our support as I’m sure, you like myself would love to see this continue. If you drop off your empty products to the Garden City store the lovely Millie and her team will be very happy to help!

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Issey Miyake Egg Carton

Issey Miyake Egg Carton Issey Miyake Egg CartonIssey Miyake Egg Carton

Issey Miyake Egg Carton Coat, Jak & Jack Tee, Issey Miyake Bao Bao Bag and Halmanera Boots

This special ‘Egg Carton’ fabric was created by innovative genius Issey Miyake – its bubbly texture is so unique. I’ve been wanting a garment made from this fabric for so long and I found it in Melbourne store dot.Comme in my size with tags still on for a fraction of the price! It is definitely a statement piece so I’ve paired it with minimal accessories; the white tee and coloured bag helps to break up the black.