Bil Donovan Bil Donovan Bil Donovan

Last week I had the opportunity to attend some business seminars as part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. My favourite was fashion illustrator Bil Donovan’s. Whilst captivating us with his vibrant, charismatic energy, he discussed his journey to where he is now; a renowned artist, illustrator and educator. Based in New York, Donovan creates works for many fashion publications and exhibitions, and as Christian Dior’s first ever Artist-In-Residence, he also creates works exclusively for them.

During the presentation we were able to watch Bil create pieces live using watercolour. His technique was incredible. Focusing on the negative space, the flow of his lines were fluid and perfect.

To read more about Bil Donovan, visit his website here.

Below are some of my favourite works by Bil…

Bil Donovan Illustration Bil Donovan Illustration glasses Bil Donovan Illustration gown

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