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I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous girls from Maslow & Co. a couple of months ago at their launch event. As someone who is always curious to try new beauty products, I was interested to learn more about Maslow & Co.

Maslow & Co. is a beauty exploration membership, with members receiving their bi-monthly Maslow box, inside of which is a carefully curated selection of beauty and wellness products. Each box focuses on one country, with their first Australia (pictured above) and their next, the United Kingdom. Every box includes 6+ products that is delivered straight to your doorstep, so you can try the products in the comfort of your home.
Included in the Australia box are…

Mieux Derma Grain and Grit Exfoliant

Kester Black Nail Polish

Generics’ Cleopatra’s Rose Milk Soak

Matcha Maiden Pure Green Tea Powder

Rohr Remedy Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum

Original Mineral (O&M) Surfbomb Sea Salt Spray

Barbara Mordini BM Artist Lashes
I recently interviewed the lovely Jessica Taylor, one of Maslow & Co.’s co-founders…
> Please tell us about the ethos behind Maslow & Co.

Maslow & Co. is centred around discovery and personal growth. We don’t like to call ourselves ‘a beauty box’ because we view ourselves as so much more. It’s a beauty exploration membership.

Our goal is to share experiences, exploring what the world has to offer from exciting beauty products to wellness rituals, and sharing these with our members. Ultimately unearthing products that truly suit you and your needs.

That’s where the name Maslow was derived, from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s all about empowering you to become the best version of yourself.
> What elements do you look for when you source products for your boxes?

Great question. We aim to provide a global edit of the most sophisticated new brands to emerge from around the world.

We first begin by selecting countries known for their innovation in the beauty space. Each country has their own cultural identity which influences beauty rituals, products, down to core ingredients etc.

Once we selected this focus destination, our beauty editor curates her wish list of the ultimate dream box. We further edit this working closely with trend forecasters, researching beauty innovator awards, blogs and importantly through trial (so simple but so important). All of us must love the products and personally vet them before giving the ok.

The criteria for brands is they must be premium (high quality), innovative with a strong brand story and are receiving acclaim from their home country.

We ensure there is always a mixture of luxury travel size (some full size) products spanning hair care to body care, aromatherapy and perfumes to cosmetics. It must represent a curated collection of the best brands from this focus destination.

We don’t accept sachets, or anything under 10mL. So our members can truly experience the benefits of a product.

> Your favourite product from the Australia box…

I can hand on heart say I can’t honesty pin point one single product, they are all so beautifully different! And serve different purposes.
> Can you please give us an insight into the upcoming United Kingdom box?

We are very excited about the approaching box! The UK beauty scene is so eclectic. Majority of the brands we have onboard will be entering Australia for the first time, meaning our members will be the first in Australia to have access to these gems.

I can’t unveil too much, but can give you a sneak peek of one of our products. Maslow & Co. are elated to announce this treasure: Pixi Glow Tonic has created such a buzz in the UK; it was constantly sold out in-store on Carnaby St. Thankfully, Maslow & Co. have secured some of this precious liquid for our Maslow subscribers. What do we love? This tonic is simply hard working. Containing Ginseng to supply oxygen to cells and horse chestnut to stimulate circulation – your skin breathes better. Glycolic acid brightens and loosens dead skin cells – exfoliating your skin with every use.

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 Elli with George

Elli Del Borrello is the designer of Perth-based fashion label BrandE. I really love the concept behind the brand. I visited her recently where we had a little play around with her favourite wardrobe picks…


> Please tell us about BrandE…

BrandE The Label produces a small and exclusive range of leather and organic cotton basics.

The idea behind starting my business stemmed from wanting to be able to produce a top quality leather range that has everyone’s favourite wardrobe staples at affordable prices.


Featuring BrandE’s Lambskin Stretch Leather Pants & Organic Cotton Tee

> Who are some of your favourite designers?

I have a lot of favourite designers, but at the moment my favourites would have to be Rick Owens, Acne and Proenza Schouler.

Featuring BrandE Silent Backpack & Stingray Clutch

> Your top 5 favourite pieces in your wardrobe are…

BrandE Leather Pants

Proenza Schouler Bag

Golden Goose Leopard Sneakers

Simone Rocha Black Marabou Trimmed Jumper

BrandE Moto Biker Jacket

Featuring BrandE’s Leather Crop

> What’s on your winter wishlist at the moment?

My eyes are on the new Valentino Rock Stud Messenger Bag, it’s to die for!

BrandE Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign

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Apropos.Provisional is a unique concept store located on Hay Street in Subiaco. A wonderful mix of literature, photography, art, music and fashion, the space is truly one of a kind in Perth. I interviewed Apropos.Provisonal’s Alex Markovic recently to learn more about the store…
> Please describe Apropos.Provisional…

Apropos.Provisional is an independent retailer of books specialising in publications with an emphasis on current trends in art, photography, architecture, design and writing. Our store in Subiaco opened in November of 2014 and we co-inhabit the space with Good Company Records, another independent retailer who deal in specialty vinyl. We have also recently opened a small exhibition space attached to the rear of the store that operates as a contemporary art gallery that we curate simultaneously.
> What sparked its beginnings?

I’ve always been an avid collector of artist’s editions, they just appeal to me as these beautiful tactile objects that are artworks in their own right. the artists behind them always have so much to do with their production and every minute detail is so considered – from the actual layout, the way in which titles are bound and presented, down to the paper and printing process itself.

I was studying fine art here in Perth, and then later in Paris, and the thing that struck me over in Europe was just how there is such a widespread culture for the appreciation of artist’s editions, one that seemed vastly more expansive than over here. Paris was littered with so many incredible shops dedicated to these specialty publications, and the more and more I looked the more I found others elsewhere across the globe.

I discovered all these incredible stores and communities of people creating and sharing small press publications in New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne and Sydney and I really just found the passion and hard work behind it all so inspiring. I thought there was definitely enough interest for something comparable to operate in Perth, but nothing quite like what I was seeing elsewhere existed here.

As it happened, Andrew Sinclair from Good Company came across a spot in Subiaco when looking for a space for the record store. He thought our two concepts could align well, and so invited us to co-inhabit the premises with them. Six months later, both projects keep growing bigger and better.
> The store is really beautiful! What concepts did you have in mind when you created the space?

We really just wanted to keep it minimal, give everything a chance to breathe. The Good Company guys shared a similar mindset in that we didn’t want it to take the appearance of an ordinary record/book store, where everything is cluttered and becomes somewhat hard to navigate. We wanted to celebrate the hard work that goes into the design of all the book covers and record sleeves, so we decided to display everything on tables and walls so that they stood the chance of being appreciated, rather than being stuffed sideways on shelves so that only the spines are visible.

The store at present almost has the appearance of a gallery for the products we stock, which I guess in a way helps to reflect the time we spend curating our selection of titles – but we’ve also tried to make it homely and approachable as possible with the inclusion of plants, fruit bowls, a fish-tank and some comfy chairs to kick back in and thumb through books or listen to records.
> When sourcing new publications for the store, is there anything in particular you look for?

Our goal has always been to showcase excellence in publishing and creative talent, on both a local and international scale. We’ve adopted a pretty democratic approach in that we are always looking for submissions from people who have self-published titles – whether they be photocopied zines, hard cover photo-books of anything in-between. The emphasis has always been on photography but really it’s all-encompassiong, and so the focus is simply on unique publications that are unlikely to be found elsewhere in Perth.

Gallery space

> The top three titles you’re most excited to have in store at the moment…

Alec Soth’s ‘Songbook‘ is probably my favourite release of the year. The first lot of copies we got in sold out within a week of having them, and we’ve only just been able to get a fresh bunch of copies in stock this week. Alec is an American photographer and published whose work has that incredibly rare ability to resonate with anyone who is fortunate to come across it, his subjects always so breathtakingly compelling and his technical execution is so perfectly apt in capturing them. Songbook is a large hardcover collection of his Black and White photos taken from the LBM dispatch series he self-published with writer Brad Zeller from 2012-2014. They document his travels across the American stateside, attending dances, festivals and communal gatherings in an era of social networking. The resulting photographs are sublime and really need to be experienced in print rather than on screen.

’5 comes after 6′ by Japanese photographer Yurie Nagashima is also one of my favourites at the moment. There’s an incredible sense of stillness to the photos collected in this edition that really allow you to stop and appreciate her eye for colour and light. Everything is put together in an incredible way and the prints have such a vibrancy that make them leap off the page.

And lastly, Perth expat Traianos Pakioufakis’ editions ‘Grass Tree’ and ‘Ghost Gum’ are ones I can’t recommend enough. Two really incredible A5 editions that collect his photographic studies of two really recognisable pieces of Australian flora, but presented a completely different light. Simple, beautiful and haunting.
> What does the future hold for Apropos.Provisional?

We’re in the early stages of starting our own in-house publishing imprint, and are working closely with some incredibly talented local artists to produce editions of their work that will be available later in the year.

Our exhibition program is also in full swing and we have some great shows lined up for the gallery space in the coming months, so keep following us on the usual social media platforms as well as on our website to hear more about those. Other than that we just want to keep expanding our catalogue of titles and help foster a community of people who are excited about producing, celebrating and collecting small-press publications in Perth.

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