Issey Miyake Egg Carton

Issey Miyake Egg Carton Issey Miyake Egg CartonIssey Miyake Egg Carton

Issey Miyake Egg Carton Coat, Jak & Jack Tee, Issey Miyake Bao Bao Bag and Halmanera Boots

This special ‘Egg Carton’ fabric was created by innovative genius Issey Miyake – its bubbly texture is so unique. I’ve been wanting a garment made from this fabric for so long and I found it in Melbourne store dot.Comme in my size with tags still on for a fraction of the price! It is definitely a statement piece so I’ve paired it with minimal accessories; the white tee and coloured bag helps to break up the black.

Current Throw-on


ShopGoh Stitched Sleeved Dress, Issey Miyake Bao Bao Bag, Vintage Yohji Yamamoto Sunglasses and 2 Baia Vista Shoes

I always make sure I have a few looks/combinations that I can rely on for when I’m feeling uninspired or when I don’t have much time to get ready – this is one of them. This dress has slightly more of a boho vibe to what I normally wear, but I’m really into it. And the slippers, well the velvet gives it a dressier vibe for evenings, and the fact they’re flats makes them casual enough for the day.

Chevron Coat

ShopGoh-Chevron-Coat ShopGoh-Chevron-Coat ShopGoh-Chevron-Coat ShopGoh-Chevron-Coat ShopGoh-Chevron-Coat

ShopGoh Chevron Coat, Sheer Turtleneck & Cropped Wide Leg Pant, Issey Miyake bag and Dr Martens shoes

Photos by Samuel England

I get really excited about all of the items I select for ShopGoh, but this coat is by far one of my absolute favourites from this winter season. I’ve always steered clear of patterned coats and bought mainly plain, dark coats, but I love the subtlety of this forest green and black chevron pattern.