I recently interviewed designer Kristy Correy of Perth-based jewellery label Correy & Lyon. Prior to establishing the label, Correy worked extensively in the industry. In 2006, she started her own fashion label then moved on to create a boutique for emerging Australian designers. She additionally co-founded a not-for-profit arts organisation which aimed at breathing creative life back into Perth. She then moved to Europe to work as a menswear buyer in a luxury menswear concept store. Now, she focuses solely on Correy & Lyon whilst dividing her time between Europe and Australia.
> Please tell us about Correy & Lyon, what sparked its beginning?
Correy & Lyon initially started because I could never really find any jewellery that I wanted to wear on a daily basis, so I decided to create my own and I also wanted a business that I could run from anywhere in the world. I was really inspired by the European street style that surrounded me at the time, especially the way that fine jewellery was being worn layered and it just sort of evolved from there. I now also find myself with a great group of friends scattered around the globe, doing amazing things in the creative industries and they inspired me to go back to my design roots and do my own thing again.
> You worked in Berlin as a luxury fashion buyer. Does the time you spent over there influence you and your designs?
Of course. Walking into the showrooms of the designers that you had admired since fashion school was surreal and very inspiring. And having that set to the backdrop of some of the greatest cities in the world is an amazing experience.
> What do you love most about jewellery?
I love the fact that you can wear the same piece of jewellery every day and it never gets old. There is such a sentimental quality attached to jewellery that no other piece of fashion can match.
> Will Correy & Lyon expand into other areas in the future?
I am looking at the possibility of expanding into bags at the moment, so definitely in the not too distant future the label will evolve into other accessories.
> Who would you most love to see wearing Correy & Lyon?
I have a few lady crushes that I would love to see wear my designs one day; Chloë Sevigny, Clémence Poésy, Lou Doillon, Olivia Palermo, Michelle Williams and Yasmin Sewell. But ultimately, someone that loves fashion and loves to have fun with it.


Correy & Lyon earrings and necklace.

Photos by Adam Nalapraya

I’ve always been a fan of smaller minimal jewellery; such as tiny studs and simple necklaces, so the aesthetic of Correy & Lyon is perfect. Each and every style is available in a choice of silver, gold and rose gold.

Shop Correy & Lyon > here.


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