Last week’s Ellendale Diamonds Australia launch was quite possibly one of the most beautiful and elegant mornings I’ve ever experienced. Held at The Trustee, the intimate breakfast was filled with delicate flowers, delicious food, classical musicians and last but not least – exquisite yellow diamonds!

Ellendale Diamonds Australia is the world’s leading yellow diamond supplier, covering over fifty-percent of the world’s supply, with clients including the highly coveted Tiffany & Co. Ellendale’s diamonds are entirely ethical – they are mined in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, ensuring each and every Ellendale diamond is conflict-free. I didn’t realise how rare yellow diamonds were, it is estimated that only one tenth of the one percent of diamonds mined have the intense yellow colour and the brighter and more intense the yellow, the rarer the diamond.

The breakfast was to celebrate the launch of Ellendale Diamonds Australia’s own certified yellow diamond range. They’ve developed a small, but extremely skilled team of jewellers with a retail store set to launch later this month. Throughout the breakfast everyone kept getting distracted by the enormous 20-carat yellow diamond (whose value is approximately $2 million!) that was floating around the table (pictured last). Never in my life have I seen such a diamond – it was out of this world!

For more information on Ellendale Diamond Australia and their stockists please click here.



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