Five Senses Cocktail Benefit

cord-fundraiser- mariposa-cocktail-party-runway cord-fundraiser-mariposa-cocktail-runwaycord-fundraiser-mariposa-runway

Last Thursday night marked the first of two events as part of Mariposa Perfumery’s Five Senses Benefit. The cocktail benefit was a collaborative effort which brought together many local businesses and creatives to raise funds for Cord – a not-for-profit charity that raises funds for those who have been affected by spinal cord injuries.

Held at FIVE bar in Mount Lawley, the event included a fashion parade which featured designs by One Fell Swoop, Empire Rose and Infamous Friends, as well as items from boutiques Zomp and Lulu & I.

cord-fundraiser-mariposa-cocktail cord-fundraiser-mariposa-emma-bergmeier-pippa-mcmanus

Emma Bergmeier & Pippa McManus


Reyne Lawson, Samuel England, & Kim Simpson

Accompanying the parade was Cord fundraiser’s signature art exhibition and auction concept. With the aim to explore the relationship between scent and visual art, Mariposa approached 10 local artists to produce new works that depict their interpretation of the unique winter scent they were designated. The artists involved were Lauren Pickering, Pippa McManus, Natasha Muhl, Anna McEachran, Joshua Tavener, Rose Church, Lucinda Hill, Natasha Padernilla, Smij Smith and James Giddy – their works were auctioned off on the night.


Mariposa Perfumery’s Bree Taylor



Anna McEachran


Pippa McManus & Christopher Foster


 The Dynamique Blog


One Fell Swoop’s Nikolina Ergic & Daniel Romanin


Mariposa Perfumery’s Marco Octaviano & Bree Taylor

The event successfully tantalised all our ‘five senses’ to the nth degree, but what made it even better was that it was all for a very worthy cause. The next event that will complete the Five Senses Benefit is the VIP Degustation Dinner, which will be held at FIVE bar on Friday 7th August. Tickets are still available to purchase at Mariposa Perfumery. For more information on this upcoming event, please click here.



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