Marques’ Almeida dress, Anteprima bag, Comme des Garçons socks & Maison Martin Margiela lace-ups.

Photos by Adam Nalapraya

Denim is one fabric that my wardrobe has very little of. I guess it’s because the most common use for denim are jeans and I’ve never been a jeans girl; I have the odd pair here and there, but I have never been someone who wears their jeans day in day out. A small part of me wishes I was, the extreme ease at which one can get dressed in the morning is so alluring – a t-shirt and jeans and voila, you’re done. But alas, that’s just not me. I do really love denim though, so I was really happy when I came across this dress by Marques’ Almeida; I love the contrast between its sleek metallic sheen and its unfinished raw edges and grunge-esque sleeves.


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