On Wednesday night I had the opportunity to celebrate the opening of Perth’s very own Miu Miu store on King Street! The store is pretty spectacular. Filled with marble floors and Miu Miu’s signature yellow brocade, the space holds a vast range of their shoes and accessories, as well as their luxurious ready-to-wear collection.

Canapés and cocktails were aplenty, with a cocktail ‘The Miu Miu’ created specially. It was so great to see the variety of outfits that night; from the extremely colourful to the more minimal, there was lots of individuality on show. I feel like there were so many more outfits I wanted to capture, but the space was jam-packed!

A big thank you to Muse Bureau for putting on such a wonderful evening. Go check out the store if you haven’t already, it is such a magnificent space.

Miu Miu > 44 King Street, Perth



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  2. Hi, it’s very nice to send an email to you at first time. I’m very happy that your working in Perth now.
    My name is Miu Magari and I’m 16 year-old girl in Japan. I can’t follow Aussie English well, but I’ve been leaning it for 5 years. Miu means beautiful rabbit and opposite is ocean in Japanese.

    I have visited Perth last summer for 2 weeks to study abroad. I attended Leeming Senior High School with my host sister and my host family took me to Lancelin and Pinnacles on the weekend.

    I have a few advices for your fashion and business in Western Australia.
    If you have any clothes to give someone, please send them to undeveloped countries because many
    people need something to wear.
    I don’t have my twitter, instagram, and facebook, so I have never signed up anything of social network. So I can’t do something for your business and future, but I can tell you that nature and animals are important things to live.
    If you respect that the earth is our mother and home, please make new fashion for teenagers because I want you to know beauty don’t need any victims and don’t hurt anything of wild lives.

    Please respect the limit of our beautiful planet and you should learn Japanese old traditional dresses to make your art works. I hope we will able to share our ideas together, but I’m living Western Japan and I have no plans to go to overseas.

    Please enjoy your life and business with your friends for a long time. Your fashion will go well someday because the moon looks like the rabbit is making a rice cake with a long stick in Japan
    at night. I want you to watch the anime movie, Spirited Away and The Boy And The Beast to create
    new clothes for people and yourself.

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