Video by Adam Nalapraya

Photographer: Shirin Carter

HMUA: Hendra Widjaja

Model: Emily Ashton

Styling: Myself

Styling Assistant: Samuel England

Music: ‘Fade’ by Catlips


Here is my first ever campaign video for ShopGoh! I’m so excited to share it with all of you. It was an amazing experience shooting the lookbook and campaign that day – the team dynamic was awesome! ShopGoh has been live for two weeks now and it has been going better than I could’ve imagined – have you checked it out yet?

I’ve always loved finding cute pieces for people, be it my siblings or friends – I just get so much enjoyment from the search and also the satisfaction of them loving what I found. You do not need to spend a lot of money to look good, so I based ShopGoh on what I believe makes the perfect wardrobe; a mix of high-quality, affordable garments paired with secondhand designer pieces. Wearing head to toe of one designer is boring; the most interesting outfits are made up of a mix of high street and designer.

I’ve never wanted to tell people what to wear, or how to wear things, but merely suggest or inspire new ways of styling. So I want ShopGoh to be a place for you to find cute pieces that you can incorporate into your own look and make them your own – because your own unique, individual style is the best style you could ever have. ;)

Watch the video in HD > here.

**BIG LOVE to ZOMP for allowing me to borrow their exquisite footwear for the campaign and lookbook! And Catlips for the awesome track!








MM6 bodysuit, sarong from markets in Bali, Issey Miyake bag and Marni sandals.

Photos by Adam Nalapraya

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. It was so stressful in the lead up to launching ShopGoh that after it launched, all the stress finally caught up with me and I was quite run down. I’m all better now though, so you can expect more regular posts up on here. I’ll also be posting up the ShopGoh campaign video in the next few days too! It’s my first time ever using film as a medium, but more on that later.

I shot this outfit with Adam a few weeks ago. I think it sums up warm days in Perth quite well. It was quite cool last week so I had thought we’d seen the last of summer, but it is really warm today! Sarongs are such a great summer staple. They’re so easy to wear. I found this sarong in the markets in Bali when I was there last. I feel that sarongs are best paired with simple tops; I paired mine with the MM6 bodysuit I got from Slow-Waves (see last post). Then added my fringed Marni sandals and the secondhand Issey Miyake bag I found at ARCHIVE – it has such a cute shape!






I first met Marli Atterton through my job at Zomp Shoez many years ago. She made such a lasting impression on me. She was (and still is) one of the most stylish girls I have ever laid eyes on. She moved to Melbourne around 5 years ago, and I hadn’t seen her since she had left. It was so amazing seeing her, it didn’t feel as if we hadn’t seen each other in that long a time. Marli has such a great eye, so I knew Slow Waves would be incredible. Slow Waves’ vibe and the labels it stocks makes it very unique – there really isn’t any other store doing anything similar in Australia. Marli’s Slow Waves also shares the space with Verner – a popular Melbourne label by designer Ingrid Verner.

Find my interview with Marli below…

> Please tell us a bit about Slow Waves; what is it all about and what inspired its beginning?

I had been on a holiday overseas around the beginning of 2014, and when I returned to Melbourne I found that my job was made redundant. The company I had worked for was pretty sketchy and I was over being screwed around, so I took some time out just to figure out the next step.

I think I might have been drunk when the idea of opening a store first came to me, but it didn’t go away, so I started to seriously think about whether I could pull it off or not.
> You have an amazing eye! Are there any brands in particular that you’re most excited about having?

There are so many great labels my friends and I like and wear, some of them are known to most people, others are a bit less familiar.

I know I have taken a risk with some of the labels, prices and even my buying style, but I’m just trying to get that low-high balance right, that’s super important to me. The vibe in the store is pretty chill, some of the pieces I have in stock are pretty up there in price, but I don’t want people to feel pressured or unwelcome if they’re just having a look.

I fully support all of the labels I have 100%, I love them all for different reasons, but I’m really hoping people respond well to Ambush from Japan and KYE from Korea. These two brands are so massive overseas, Ambush in particular, but for some reason are fairly unknown in Australia.



> Your recent buying trip to Paris – any highlights?

I have just gotten back from a buying trip in Paris, my stay was short and hectic but I love Paris. I really enjoy going to showings, I love seeing a collection in full and seeing what’s next.

The only fash bash I went to was the cocktail reception for Faustine Steinmetz, to celebrate bring shortlisted for the LVMH price. It was fun, they had an amazing cake that was a pair of jeans, and I met Faustine for the first time, who was lovely.
> What can we expect to see next season at Slow Waves?

For next season I’m really excited about the collections coming in to Slow Waves, we are keeping all the labels we opened with, we have a new jewellery label from a Korean designer based in Milan coming, and hopefully our first menswear label.

My Slow Waves find : Pearl Rings by Ann Sofie Back

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