Here’s a little summary of my recent trip to Kyoto, Japan. I spent four nights in a really cute Ryoken/Inn called Matsubaya Ryoken. I missed out on booking the ryoken rooms, but the ‘Western’ rooms were cute and cosy and had the best blankets I’ve ever had on my travels – very important for a sleep-lover like myself. The architecture and scenery in Kyoto are beautiful and the people exceptionally friendly. And after my initial five nights in Tokyo, it was really nice to experience somewhere quiet. Kyoto is not a go-to for shopping but I would’ve loved to go to their markets, unfortunately they didn’t land on my dates there. I visited the Fushimi Inari shrine, which entailed a huge climb uphill through repetitious large orange structures. Although the hike made my legs feel like jelly, it was really incredible. I also visited the stunning gold Kinkachuji Temple and did night visits to temples and traditional Japanese gardens. All in all I really loved my time in Kyoto.


WHATS-THE-GOH-KYOTO-CDG-OUTFITWHATS-THE-GOH-KYOTO-OUTFIT-CDG-BOWSWHATS-THE-GOH-KYOTO-CDG-OUTFIT-3(Junya Watanabe shirt, Comme des Garçons vest, J.W. Anderson X Topshop kilt & Marséll shoes)


Moshi moshi from Japan! I’m currently in Osaka, writing from a little studio apartment in Juso. My trip is going so well. I really love it here. So far I’ve been to Tokyo for five nights, then Kyoto for four nights, and am here in Osaka for another three nights, then back to Tokyo. I’m going to post photo diaries from each city soon.

Here’s a mini outfit post that I managed to do in Kyoto. The weather was a bit temperamental when I was there, but when the sun was shining the light was really beautiful. The piece that I have been most excited to find on this trip so far is this bow vest from Comme des Garçons’ Fall/Winter 2013 collection. It is in stores now but I managed to find this one in a secondhand designer store in Tokyo! If you’re ever in Tokyo check it out, the store is called RAGTAG and there are a few scattered around, all with different stock. I’ve had my eye on this vest ever since the runway show, so my heart almost stopped when I saw that it was discounted and in my size! It was definitely meant to be.

I would’ve liked to style the vest over a white shirt, but I didn’t pack one, and I was thinking about going to find one but you know, when you’re actually looking for something in particular, it is rare that you end up finding what you’re looking for; especially one that fits right.




(Designs by : Susan Phan / Jessica Wang / Sam Balcombe / Rose Church / Ella De Thierry)

Last Monday the Central Institute of Technology’s fashion graduates showcased their final collections at PICA. The show, titled ‘The Graduates’ presented a staggering ninety looks. It was clear how much hard work had gone into each and every one of their garments.

The show was stunning and everything just worked wonderfully, from the choreography to the beautiful PICA space. I loved the beauty and hair brief; white was seen on the models’ hairlines, eyes, nails and also painted on feet.

I was honoured to have been asked to sponsor the event by providing an award which was titled by the Central Institute of Technology as the ‘What’s the Goh Award’ – so exciting! It was difficult to choose a winner, but in the end I chose Jessica Wang, whose collection’s aesthetic I really clicked with. Her colour palette of pinks, purples, white and grey, tied together with her varied use of fabrications was something I was instantly drawn to. My two favourites of hers, the strapless transparent plastic dress with extensive stitching detail and the grey felt t-shirt with pink pailettes and white fur (the fur – malted fur from her Japanese Spitz, one of my most favourite dogs!). I will be doing a feature on Jessica Wang soon so stay tuned.

Congratulations to all the students, every single one of you did incredibly well!