whats the goh spotted asymmetry

whats the goh spotted asymmetry 2


whats the goh spotted asymmetry

(Yohji Yamamoto top, Cacharel shorts, Topshop socks, Comme des Garçons shoes, Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag)

I was very lucky to come across this top during one of my tireless eBay searches. I’ve never seen anything like it before. There are so many aspects of the top that I love; the polkadots, the asymmetry, the awkward sleeve length and the clumsy misaligning of the fabric at the front middle seam. However, my most favourite is the movement of the longer panel when there is a slight breeze.


Toga Buckle boots


TOGA Four Strap Boots in black and black/white (LN-CC).

I love the versatility of these boots. The cut-outs allow the boots to be worn in warmer weather without socks, or worn with stockings or socks in the colder months. Can you just imagine the countless sock/boot combos that can be worn with these?!



(Background image by Trine Søndergaard)

Faux leather suspender dress (Pixie Market) > Wythe faux leather suspender dress (Pixie Market)

Most of the time I can’t justify spending significant amounts of money for genuine leather in seasonal pieces. I came across these faux leather items on Pixie Market (one of my all time favourite online stores). Their shapes are really cute and they’re both so well priced.