Video by Adam Nalapraya

Photographer: Shirin Carter

HMUA: Hendra Widjaja

Model: Emily Ashton

Styling: Myself

Styling Assistant: Samuel England

Music: ‘Fade’ by Catlips


Here is my first ever campaign video for ShopGoh! I’m so excited to share it with all of you. It was an amazing experience shooting the lookbook and campaign that day – the team dynamic was awesome! ShopGoh has been live for two weeks now and it has been going better than I could’ve imagined – have you checked it out yet?

I’ve always loved finding cute pieces for people, be it my siblings or friends – I just get so much enjoyment from the search and also the satisfaction of them loving what I found. You do not need to spend a lot of money to look good, so I based ShopGoh on what I believe makes the perfect wardrobe; a mix of high-quality, affordable garments paired with secondhand designer pieces. Wearing head to toe of one designer is boring; the most interesting outfits are made up of a mix of high street and designer.

I’ve never wanted to tell people what to wear, or how to wear things, but merely suggest or inspire new ways of styling. So I want ShopGoh to be a place for you to find cute pieces that you can incorporate into your own look and make them your own – because your own unique, individual style is the best style you could ever have. ;)

Watch the video in HD > here.

**BIG LOVE to ZOMP for allowing me to borrow their exquisite footwear for the campaign and lookbook! And Catlips for the awesome track!



2 thoughts on “SHOPGOH A/W 2015 CAMPAIGN VIDEO

  1. Congratulations lovely! The collection is really cool. You have a great eye so it is fascinating to see how it translates into design. You have created thought out, wearable and clean pieces too. I always dream about what kind of capsule collection I would put together, it is really exciting to see that you actually did it. Again congratulations.
    I love the tartan dress the most!
    xx Jenelle

    • Thank you for your kind words Jenelle! The collection is actually a curated selection of pieces I found overseas – not my designs, but rather pieces which I think have longevity, i.e. less trend-focused and so can be worn season after season. Andrea xx

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