Owner and buyer Claire Snowdon


I first met Claire Snowdon when I visited Oh Henry Vintage, a pop-up store in Northbridge. Oh Henry Vintage housed vintage clothing from both Claire’ and friend Jasmine Campbell’s collections. Since their lease ended, both women went their separate ways, with Claire opening Beleza Vintage and Jasmine continuing under Oh Henry Vintage (a future post).

I really love shopping for vintage clothes. I know you probably can’t imagine me wearing a technicolour floral number from the 60s or 70s, but I really do appreciate the styles from the past. I think it’s the act of perusing those racks that are packed full of unique, one of a kind pieces that I love. And also the unexpectedness – you really don’t know what you’re going to find! There have been so many times where I’ve found something I adore but it is in the wrong size, so it is all the more exciting when you find a piece you love that fits!

Claire is the buyer and owner of Beleza Vintage. She has such an astute eye for vintage clothing and she is also one of loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! I interviewed her recently so you too can get to know a bit more about her and Beleza…


> How did Beleza Vintage come about?

To be honest, my love of vintage came from my wonderful Mum. She’s always loved travelling, the art of millinery and collecting vintage clothing. I’ve worn vintage for as long as I can remember, but only now I wear it differently. Mum and I shared the love of adventure and we were always hunting for ‘treasure’, and so, my wardrobe grew. As I got older I decided to sell some of my collections. I sold at various markets across Perth as a way to get money for travelling. Around the year 2000 I got a job in a well-known fashion forward boutique on King Street and so my love for fashion began. I worked there for many years and always said that one day I would love to have my own store. I met a Brazilian man, fell in love, moved to Brazil and then returned. Head in the clouds I named my shop Beleza.

After selling at the various markets around Perth, myself and four collectors started our own monthly market, which then evolved into a large pop-up shop in Northbridge. I’ve since been moving and ‘popping-up’ all around Northbridge collaborating with other like minded souls. My new solo store has been running now for around 8 months. With my lease coming up again soon who knows where I’ll be next?


> What is it that you love about vintage clothing?

I love the quality workmanship of vintage clothing. I love the detail and mostly the amazing fabrics which still to this day have lasted in some cases for up to 80 years – that to me is quality. I also love the individualism and creative side of styling too. I like to wear new, designer and vintage altogether.


> Are there any particular labels or styles that you look out for when sourcing?

Of course. I’ll always be on the look out for designer labels when sourcing. Music, travel and modern day labels also influence my style and what I collect. I’ve always loved Lanvin, Louis Feraud, Yves Saint Laurent, Roberta Di Camerino, Alfred Shaheen, Courreges and Pucci. I have many favourite styles but I particularly love 80s minimalist.


> If you could choose one era in the past to live in what would it be?

It would probably be the 70s, but maybe a quick visit back to the 60s and 80s wouldn’t be so bad either!


> Who is your favourite style icon of the past?

Probably Grace Jones or Blondie, but my current style icon would be Lauren Hill – I love her funky, ghetto style!

Beleza Vintage > 282 William Street, Northbridge, Western Australia 6003.

Instagram > @belezavintage


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