For many years I experimented with various swimwear styles, including (gasp!) a few overly feminine styles; you know the ones with the over the top trims such as ruffles and lace? Now, I finally feel like I have found the look I’m most comfortable in. I believe fuss-free, simple cuts in dark colours are elegant on just about anyone. Of course, there is the odd bright print that catches my eye, but currently I’m really feeling the colours navy and black. Here is a little edit of some of the styles I’ve come across on my hunt for bathers…
1 > PALM ‘ALOR’ top

2 > PALM ‘ALOR’ bottoms

3 > PALM ‘SUVU’ top

4 > PALM ‘SUVU’ Brazilian bottoms

5 > FIRST BASE Surf Swimsuit

6 > MARYSIA SWIM ‘Evil Honolulu’ zigzag bikini

7 > LISA MARIE FERNANDEZ ‘Yasmin’ seersucker bikini

8 > TOMAS MAIER ‘Athomic’ swimsuit

9 > ZIMMERMAN ‘Porcelain’ quilted bikini

10 > TOMAS MAIER Embroidered bikini
Only just last week I added the PALM ‘SUVU’ top and ‘ALOR’ bottoms, both in black to my wardrobe for the season – purely for their minimal lines and affordable price points. If you’re wondering why I didn’t get the matching bottoms, it’s because the ‘ALOR’ bottoms have more coverage than the matching ‘SUVU’ Brazilian cut – I love it when you can mix and match! If I were to get another pair, I would love to get the ‘Evil Honolulu’ bikini by Marysia Swim for something cute and fun. :)


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