1 Tom Binns Riri painted Swarovski crystal and stone earrings > 2 Chinti and Parker Leopard-intarsia cashmere sweater > 3 Tom Binns Riri painted Swarovski crystal earrings > 4 Tom Binns A Riot of Color glow-in-the-dark Swarovski crystal necklace > 5 Markus Lupfer Metallic-sleeved top > 6 Tom Binns Electro Clash Nova painted Swarovski crystal necklace > 7 Tom Binns Faux Real Swarovski crystal, faux pearl and safety pin earrings > 8 Richard Nicoll Color-block cashmere sweater > 9 Tom Binns Soft Power painted Swarovski crystal earrings (All available on Net-a-Porter).


During my visit to Hong Kong, a city whose architecture and urban landscape is predominantly grey, hints of bright colour would pop up every now and again. I found colour in graffiti, shop fronts and windows, neon signs and of course street style outfits. I fell in love with the contrast of the bright against the grey.


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