TPFF 2015 : Phuong My

TPFF-2015-Phuong-My TPFF-2015-Phuong-My TPFF-2015-Phuong-My TPFF-2015-Phuong-MyTPFF-2015-Phuong-MyTPFF-2015-Phuong-MyTPFF-2015-Phuong-My

It was all the pretty things at Vietnamese designer Phuong My‘s show last week. A live vocalist was singing renditions of classics by the likes of Frank Sinatra on the sleek, black runway that was scattered with rose petals in varied shades of pink and red. Phuong My‘s strengths are luxurious fabrics, feminine silhouettes and excellent craftsmanship. By this point I had so far attended the Dilettante and Jaime Lee shows, so I really loved seeing how different the three were with each show being completely different and unique.


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