WHITE-ON-WHITE-9WHITE-ON-WHITE-1 WHITE-ON-WHITE-8WHITE-ON-WHITE-3 WHITE-ON-WHITE-10WHITE-ON-WHITE-2WHITE-ON-WHITE-5WHITE-ON-WHITE-4WHITE-ON-WHITE-7WHITE-ON-WHITE-6Vintage hat, Poppy Lissiman Addition lace bomber, Pixie Market dress, Dior bag and Marsèll shoes.

Photos by Adam Nalapraya

I really like the look of white pieces layered over one another. I’ve emulated this and paired two completely different textures together. I like the clash of floral patterns, and the fact they’re both white makes it ever so subtle. The hat, I found in a secondhand store in Japan; its uneven curve of its brim and its perfect shade of cherry makes it one of my best finds to date.


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